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KMC CHAIN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD was established in Tainan County , Taiwan in 1977.

Ever since then, the company has been devoted to the production of professional bicycle chains. In the 1980's, the bicycle industry was developing vigorously, and competition was surfacing on the chain market. Nonetheless, KMC Group stood out a mo ng all the chain manufacturers. In 1986, KMC Group started a partnership with the Japanese supplier, Shimano Inc, signed the technical cooperation me mo randum, and began supplying the needed series of chains. This partnership has lasted continuously to date. Within the short 10 years between the establishment of the KMC Group and start of partnership with Shimano Inc., KMC Chain had become one of the largest chain manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Currently, KMC Group produces 150,000,000 meters of chain per year and the sales has reached over 130 countries in the world with its strong marketing network in mo re than 10 languages.

Besides the early two manufacturing plants in Tainan County , Taiwan , to meet the demand from the global market, mo re manufacturing plants were set up one after another in Shenzhen, Shanghai , Tianjin and Chengdu in China . In recent years, KMC Group also proactively developed its market in Southeast Asia . In 2001, the production base in Ho Chi Minh City was established. For the past 30 years, KMC Group has set up a total of 11 plants and 16 sales companies in the world, located in Taiwan , China , Holland , USA , Indonesia , Thailand , and Vietnam , to meet the great demand in the global market. The total footage of the plants is 573,304m 2 , with nearly 4500 employees. Automatic production and state-of-the-art manufacturing technical production chain provide customers with the fastest and the mo st convenient services. All the plants passed ISO9002 and ISO9001 and the Shenzhen Factory also obtained its TSI6949 accreditation in 2004 for better professionalism to meet the high quality demand of the auto mo bile industry. Since 2003, all the plants have started to adopt the Toyota Production System, which represents higher standards and regulations to enhance quality control. It is our creed “to provide the optimal service at the mo st appropriate time” and meet all demands from customers.

KMC Group is devoted to cultivating talented R&D personnel and aggressively expanding OEM, ODM and after- sales business as well as establishing and maintaining the strategic alliance with suppliers and customers by means of integrating the supply chain and pro mo ting the customer value. Besides the enhancement in the production technology, we also seek continuous innovation and breakthrough in factory management and marketing channels. To pursue product innovation and the core competitiveness of sustainable management, KMC Group established a new R&D team in 2004 for pluralistic research, development and production and entrance into the newly risen high-tech industry. The Wireless Tech Business Unit was established to design and produce RFID and to make use of the Blue Tooth products. The Moduled Inc. is in charge of producing the LED indicator. The Electrical Transmission Business Unit is researching and developing transportation tool power transmission systems.

KMC Group adopts the state-of-the-art technology and grasps every opportunity to pro mo te the service quality and production quantity. We create a win-win situation with our customers. Our outstanding management skills enable us to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. The perfecting global network and our investment in the manufacturing and servicing bases enable us to easily adapt to the changing market and keep abreast of the latest innovative technology, providing our customers with the best solutions for them to survive in the challenging and changing market.
“Excellence and Continuity” has been the mo tto of the President of KMC Group, Charles Wu. He believes in it and puts it into action so that it can become part of the business culture of KMC Group. 
Company: Kuei Meng International Inc. (KMC Chain) 桂盟國際股份有限公司 Type: Manufacturer (North America , Central and South America , Middle East , Southeast Asia , Northeast Asia , Europe )
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